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How To Handle Negative Comments On Your Blog

Whose blog is it anyway?
Whether you have a blog on your professional website, or just a personal one that you maintain for yourself and a few interested readers, you should have a set of rules in place to handle negative comments and bad behavior. It’s your place: blog, journal or website, it’s your spot on the web, your home, your showcase.

Your place, your rules — which also means you also have to have rules, or else watch on the sidelines as anarchy takes over. Your blog is a place that invites comments and discussions — a comments policy helps prevent the nasties from defacing your work and ruining the conversations you want to happen.

Guests may comment — the purpose of a blog is to foster discussion after all — but people who post inflammatory, inane or vile stuff may as well have sprayed graffiti all over your walls.

This is where a comment policy comes in handy. Everyone comes in knowing the rules and those who don’t follow them can leave or be made to leave. Boors, trolls and asshats may be invited to tone it down or be forcibly booted out– this is the point where comment moderation and deletion comes in handy.


What is your SOP regarding comments on your website? Whatever rules you come up with, you have to make them clear,and visible.


Clear rules are important because you need strong protections to weed out the unwanted elements sure to wander in on your home space. And it’s not just the rude people you want gone, you also need to address the comments they leave behind: like nasty, spiteful ‘presents’ you’ll want to contain as soon as possible.

  • With no clear rules, chaos reigns.
  • You make the rules, you can’t expect people to follow them if you don’t enforce them.
  • You don’t follow your own rules, you’ve just eaten into your own authority.

It’s that simple. Now, what are unacceptable behaviors you won’t tolerate on your blog?  List them down and work on codifying them. Continue reading How To Handle Negative Comments On Your Blog

3 Tips To A Better Business Mindset

As a business owner you aren’t given any guarantees by your market, your customers or your clients. Your business survives and thrives from the strength of the connections and the relationships you cultivate with your business partners, with your on-line community and with the people you work to supply solutions to.

In the unspoken social contracts of on-line business, expectations are set and managed. You market your product as being capable of doing certain things better than your competitors, or being able to supply exactly what your target market needs.

Then you have to deliver, and the processes involved in providing quality products and customer satisfaction requires you to do things often covered by cliches: tackling the roadblocks, doing the drudgework, ironing out the details and smoothing out the obstacles, making things presentable, etc.

You know, the small details and repetitive tasks involved in running a business.


As someone who owns and runs their own business, by this time you must’ve already experienced the gut-wrenching anxiety that comes with facing all the demands that your brainchild, your creation, generates.

In the years to come new technologies and their ensuing social impact will come that can change the way you do things, or eliminate the need for your product entirely. You need to be able to focus on your core competencies and practices that will help you adjust to and change with the times.


You head your own business. You report to no one but yourself. As an independent entity, your business has no guarantees except for the projects, contracts and commitments you have right now.

Compared to people who work in companies and spend their workweek in cubicles or offices, you do exercise and have a greater degree of freedom: your schedule each day isn’t handed to you from on high, and where you spend your labor and time isn’t controlled by corporate.

On the other hand, this also means you’re responsible for ensuring the business survives and that you make a living off of it for as long as you want to run with it. Your ever-renewing goal then, is to look for and develop ways to prepare to thrive in an uncertain future without a crystal ball at your side. Continue reading 3 Tips To A Better Business Mindset