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7 Pointers To Boost Website Appeal

15 November 2013, by A. Cedilla

In our global virtual reality, your website is your presence on the net. You may have your picture in your “About” page, but the overall impression of you will be what the overall impression of your website leaves.

In connection with your chosen market, what they see will be who you are in their heads. Making your site look professional is only the first step to cementing images and impressions in the public eye of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Visitors, followers, members, customers are the lifeblood of any online business, and so it’s only SOP to watch the numbers connected to them: sign-up rates, opt-out rates, etc. If you notice that your readership’s dropping off, or your sign-up rates aren’t improving, it’s up to you to identify why it’s happening, and to think up things you can do to get more people to join your team.

Of course, you’ll need a professional website. A navigable, welcoming website.

Just like brick and mortar stores, there are places where you can spend hours just browsing, and then there are those that have you doing a fast in-and-out. And just like physical stores, you want more people to visit, to buy your stuff, to come back often and to look around. You want your business to keep going, you need to get interest, keep interest, and keep selling.


Don’t push. Lets face it, spam is like porn — you know it when you see it. And anything that even hints of spam — the pushy hard sell, the uh-maazing bonuses– can push people into taking one look and leaving a site. If you want a site that sells, it doesn’t have to scream that purpose out immediately. People don’t like being pushed.

Think of it this way. You have bookmarked favorite sites that appealed to you, right? They appealed to your need for information, and are probably smoothly designed for function and speedy loading, and they give you what you want without much fuss or asking for information. They’re easy to navigate, provide tons of fascinating information, and they function reliably.

Contrast this with busy websites that pull out all the stops to advertising, but leave you feeling overwhelmed with pop-ups, tricky drop-downs, and complicated navigation. Picking a favorite website takes more than clicking on the shiny — you have a favorite because you keep coming back to it.

Now flip it around, and this time you own the website. It’s not enough to provide bright colors or pretty moving ads. Your website is your platform for communication, promotion and enterprise on the internet. You have to step up your game to keep relevant to your market’s interests, and you can certainly do so by following the tips below. Continue reading 7 Pointers To Boost Website Appeal