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Make Up Your Mind: The Power of Decisiveness

22 March 2013, by A. Cedilla

So-oo…. how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Good, bad, so-so?

What about the important personal goals you drew up, right around the promise of twelve brand new months to fill? Did any changes stick?

I mean, we’re far enough into the year to make a fair assessment on any appreciable progress you’ve made since then.


  • Have you seen or felt any tangible results from working towards your goals? What have you learned about yourself in the process?
  • How are these commitments working with the other responsibilities you have? What adjustments did you make to accommodate these changes?

Have you looked at the patterns of your life that aren’t working in your favor and addressed them? You know what they are:

  • The ones you tolerate because it would take too much effort to fix right now.
  • Or you’re just waiting for a better time to fix them. Or more money to come in. Or for a current issue to blow over.
  • Or because ”it’s not that bad…anyway. Much. Anyway, it could be worse, you know.”


It’s a pain to be so confused about important things, right? You had goals, you have a brand new year to see them through, you had months, and yet, and yet…

You were supposed to be somewhere, making something happen by now. Where did you go? What happened? Continue reading Make Up Your Mind: The Power of Decisiveness

Goals And Their Breakdowns

15 March 2013, by A. Cedilla

When it comes to making sure I stick to my goals, I tend to visit blogs on the areas I’m struggling with. The advice that really resonates with me come from people who’ve lived through the same issues that I’m currently facing, and were able to articulate how they found their way though. These people have been there and done that, and I get read their ‘shirts’ for free, so to speak.
So it was a nice coincidence that just when I was getting ready to give up on an important personal project (out of frustration at how slowly things were going), I remembered “My Resolution Revolution” on The Simple Dollar.

In this excellent article, Trent Hamm presented a well-reasoned argument about why so many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. Many big goals are presented in a way that’s inherently unattainable because they’re stated in a manner that is absolutist, and so don’t factor in our very human natures, and how time affects that. Stark goals like:

  • “Lose 100 pounds.” Or “Gain 25 pounds of muscle.” {more}Or other things like dropping X dress sizes.
  • Save 200 dollars every two weeks. Cut down on spending by 25% immediately.
  • Exercise every day. Eat only nutritious food.
  • Finish cleaning out all the junk and clutter in the basement. And the closets. And the attic. And the garage.
  • Double the size of my mailing list in X months.

Goals like these can look all fine and worthy on paper, especially at the start of the year, but we’re far enough from that to see that in daily life, goals like these can suffer in their execution. Generally, without commitment, careful attention and discipline, goals fade into wishes. Continue reading Goals And Their Breakdowns

Keeping On Track With Mindfulness

08 March 2013, by A. Cedilla

In a world with uncertain economies, shifting social changes and powerful, ubiquitous technologies, you may think that you’re doing all you can to protect the tiny economy of your own small enterprise.

You see, when it comes to running your own business, the sheer number of factors beyond your control –the down market, political infighting and indecisiveness, new tech demanding immediate mastery– demand that you bite down and focus on the essentials first before attending to the lower priorities. It’s basic self-protection. Survival first.

But life is more than just survival. If you’d just take a minute, just one, to watch the video in the linked quote below, it would help give you a background to this article.


You got into business for a reason, or several reasons. You’re making it thrive despite everything that’s happened in the world. Looking back at where you started, do those reasons still apply? Or have you forgotten them in the daily crunch of running your little empire? Is what you’re doing right now — and plan to do for the foreseeable future — giving you what you need and want? Are you doing things with your purpose in mind?

This is where cultivating the habit of mindfulness kicks in. Continue reading Keeping On Track With Mindfulness