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Technostress: Rise Against The Machines

06 January 2013 by A.Cedilla

  • Advancements in computing have reinterpreted human limits of “just how much work you are supposed to do in a day” (productivity) and have increasingly infringed on our basic health requirement to be protected from constant overestimation brought about by connectivity.
  • Communication technology developments in the past 20 years have relentlessly pushed us to become more adept in navigating the world using these technologies — which touches on our adaptability, familiarity and mastery.

Technological advances gave us speed and power, but our biological hard-wiring is stressed out because we are not equipped to handle the exponential speed that these tools supposedly put into our control. What was intended to enhance our communication often renders us mostly disconnected from our deepest selves and from each other.

And we’re not machines. Unstructured or ‘off’ time is important because that’s when we rest and let our ideas percolate without ego, pressure or limits. The open spaces in our lives are are where — and when — new things can come into being unhindered. Things like reconnection, reflection, replenishment and rest. The problem is that the very things that were meant to make our lives run on an easier and more orderly level have basically taken over.

  • How long can you disconnect before you feel panicked that you’ll fall too far behind?
  • How long can you work offline when everything makes it so easy to stay on in the first place?

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