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What’s Your 20? Making Plans for The New Year

29 December 2012, by A. Cedilla

Well, hey there! We’re well into the last week before the new year starts, and we hope that you and your loved ones are doing okay, and hope you have an even better year coming in. This is just the last, short check-in for 2012 before we get to start anew in 2013. Here we go!

“What’s your 20?” is CB-radio-speak for, “Where are you?” Checking in with yourself, when you ask yourself, ” What’s my 20?” it becomes an open ended question, and opens up other questions:

  • Human nature being what it is, naturally we’d segue into, “Where do I want to be?” You dream, you wish, you hope.
  • This is followed by,”How can I get there?” You plot, you plan, you prepare.
  • And then — this is the important part, so pay attention–you act.

Where’s your 20?
Throwing in the 80/20 principle and the delightful laziness and anticipation that’s so prevalent around this time (“Oooh, a whole new year is coming up! Hang on, lemme get the eggnog before I plot to dazzle the world…”) in the coming year what do you think will make up the 20% that will give you the biggest difference? *Here is the time you go nuts writing down stuff, without self-censorship or shame. Dream big, plan small, steady steps.*

Any areas where you want to make a ripple-effect change? You know, start small, pebble by pebble? Throw those in as well.

It’s the time for reflection and joyful planning. You survived another year, and the next one’s a blank screen. You can project the broad strokes of your dreams on it and then plan out how to fill in the details. That’s how our minds work. We see the big picture right off the bat, and yet the more time we spend on it, we notice the small details coming out.

Where do you want to be?
Where do you want to be?
Where do you want to be?

There’s a paradox here: You can’t predict the future, and you can’t control everything in your life. The future is uncertain, and things change so fast, why try so hard? Continue reading What’s Your 20? Making Plans for The New Year

How to Negotiate With Yourself

21 December 2012, by A. Cedilla

Negotiating starts when two parties, each with their own interests and goals, start talking.

You and your team, looking over at the other side of the table to see the Other Guys, each side with its own agenda, trying to hammer out an agreement or reach a point of compromise. You gives, you gets, dig?

Today we’re taking a different approach in that we’ll talk about how we negotiate with ourselves.

It’s just a part of how we’re wired: there must have been many occasions where you were of two minds about a particular issue — most probably when trying to act decisively, yes?

You start off by making a list of pros and cons, assigning certain weights to certain factors, maybe talking it out with a few trusted friends. Usually, you get things done on time, but when it’s something that makes up keep putting it off, how do you motivate yourself?

In a classic negotiation, both parties start off with three things:

  • A clear vision of what they want – when you know what you can’t accept, what you must have, and what you are prepared to do, it gives you a firm ground on which to make your presentation and arguments.
  • A clear picture of the situation – you need assess whether these things on your list are available, what the atmosphere is in the place of discussion, and the attitudes of the people involved so you can adjust your approach to fit.
  • A clear goal to resolve for the day – Target the middle ground where you can meet.

Know your enemy — on both sides of the table. It’s not just the other team you have to consider: how do you sabotage yourself when it comes to being under pressure, or acting in delicate or prolonged negotiations, and how do you avoid doing it?

How do you fall most often when it comes to seeing a difficult course of action to its conclusion?

You can be your own worst enemy in this way: Even in knowing all our sore spots and weak areas, we can still undermine and sell ourselves short.

I mean, we can break deals with ourselves everyday, whittling our strength down to sand with each deal we keep putting off or fail to keep.

Any strong position to negotiate starts with the following: Continue reading How to Negotiate With Yourself

Living At The End of Your Rainbow

01 December 2012, by A. Cedilla

You got there.

  • You managed to find your place on-line. All the hard work of setting things up, working through the bugs and the paperwork needed to register a business, the taxes, the outsourcing, the pricing….and here you are.
  • And hey! Your own life is going pretty sweet. It could be stand to improve in a few small areas, but for the most part, it seems things have come together for you. Congratulations!


When we speak of you finding your niche, it goes to mean one or more of the following things:

  • You found the place where you fit. You, with all your quirks and interests and strengths, found a place somewhere where all that works to your favor.
  • You found the place where you can best meet and form relationships with individuals that will contribute to your continued survival and eventual stability.
  • You found the place where you are most likely to prosper, and you can stay in it.

Finding your niche presupposes you’ve done the work necessary to finding out and getting what you need to thrive. It also means you commit to the following: Continue reading Living At The End of Your Rainbow