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The Blogware Vs. CMS Issue: What Fits You?

04 November 2009, by A. Cedilla

On-line communication today is everywhere: we have journals, f-lists, forums, blogs, social networking sites…the ways we keep in touch with one another are many, and the choice of tools we use to do so can be bewildering.

For example, if you want a simple blog of your own there are dozens of free web-based blogging applications you can sign up with, and BAM! You have your blog. Then later on, if you wish to establish a stronger web presence, you can transition to a more robust content management system

But what if you want to save time from the get-go?

Sure, you may just want a blog for now, but what if the time comes you want something with more robust features? At this point, you may want to check out our 2 part article about CMS here and here.

Basically, here are two main types of applications currently available that are used for blogging: blog software and Content Management Systems (CMS). The main difference is that a CMS has more features than blog applications, while being capable of doing everything blogware does. Continue reading The Blogware Vs. CMS Issue: What Fits You?