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Back To Basics – The Ins and Outs of Networking

25 August 2008, by A. Cedilla

It’s impossible to be in any sort of business today –virtual or otherwise– without having heard the term ‘networking’. Seen as the heart of business (after all, you can’t conduct a business all by your lonesome), it’s said that you either know how to network or you don’t. And if you don’t know how, you shouldn’t even try attempt it.


Firstly, networking is essential to any business – whether on-line or off-line. The business you get from personal referrals can be some of the best business you ever do — with excellent work you get satisfied customers that can act as walking, talking billboards for you, promoting your service to their friends and acquaintances, who then would probably be convinced to hire you before they even get to know you personally.

And it’s not just for, say, lawyers and accountants; for example – when you find a leaky pipe in the basement, how do you pick a plumber to come in and fix it? Will it be someone you had heard good things about before? Maybe you don”t know anyone, so you call a friend and ask if they know anyone who does good work and charges fair prices? Bam! Joe Plumber just got the business of fixing your pipes through networking.
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Back To Basics – Networking To Online Success

23 August 2008, by A. Cedilla

Forums, groups, and boards:  they’re all online locations — virtual meeting places and hang-outs — that enable online networking and interaction.


Some are entirely public, where everyone and anyone can click to the URL, read the messages and if they have no interest in contributing, they can just lurk.


Some require active participation and others require registration before members can participate. These online meeting places are different from paid membership sites in that there is no cost to network at these websites.


Some are active, some are sleepy. Some are strictly for business related topics; some allow more OT (Off Topics) and social interaction. There are forums for every imaginable topic: ˜Mompreneurs”, Non-stationary Cadaver Suppression Groups, De-clutterization Specialists, Writers, Gun Enthusiasts, Long Hair Enthusiasts and Virtual Assistants, which barely scratches the surface of what’s available on the Net.

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Back To Basics: What is a Niche Market?

18 August 2008, by A. Cedilla

Okay, so you’re tired of riding the 9-to-5 soul-drain, but you really need the money, so you stick it out.Then one day a thought pops up out of nowhere, “There’s gotta be someway I can sneak some color into my life. Maybe even make something extra out of it. I can’t be the only person in the state who loves Moleskine notebooks.”


The thought sparks your interests in starting a home-based business, a teeny one, something that lets you love, gives your long-dormant imagination and creativity room to breathe and play around. Make money. And hey, since it’s everywhere, you also want to use the Net for your work-at-home idea. But, you’re not sure if you can make real money online. To make things worse, you’re fuzzy about how to pursue your little dream.

If this sounds familiar, rest easy. You can make money online with a home-based business. You don’t need a degree; you don’t need to invest years of study to make it. There are sound, proven business concepts that have been taught and used by many of the most successful marketers in the world.
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Back to the Basics: Marketing

18 August 2008 by A. Cedilla

I’m sure you’ve seen it before. So many eager entrepreneurs and small businesses fail before their first year because their enthusiasm overrode reason and they dove right into the deep end of the pool with inadequate preparation, the siren call of quick money drowning out the voice of your better self, saying, “Dude, wait, let’s think about this for a minute, ‘kay? May even for a few days — dude?”

Then, much later, “Well, hell. I told you to think about it.”


In business, as in most things, there are basic principles to follow. It pays to occasionally take a step back and evaluate the bigger picture. Drafting a very basic marketing plan can help you focus on the right activities, target the right customers and set the best prices.

The STP Process

STP is an acronym for Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. It represents the highest level of your marketing plan. Ideally, you should have the results of this process in place before your product or service is ever brought to market. If not, you can still use it as a very good exercise for an existing product.


Segmentation is simply a fancy way of saying that you need to identify your customer. Think of every possible customer as a population of dots on a pie chart. Now, start slicing that population into smaller, more defined segments. For example:

Split individuals from businesses. Then, you could split these further by :

  • Sex, age, educational attainment, civil status
  • Socio-economic level
  • Geographic location
  • Interests and hobbies and so on.

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Boost Your Website Traffic 5 Ways

09 August 2008, by A. Cedilla

Market Your Blog: When you publish or post on-line it’s usually with the intent of having your offering read, whether it’s advice, something you just want to share, or you’re asking for help. These actions are meant to solicit feedback, and to get that, you need to bring traffic to your site. How do you get that started? Moreso, how can you help traffic to your blog increase?


As soon as you make your first post, your blog automatically gets traffic, even if it’s from random, curious click-by’s. With a good ping list, every post you make notifies dozens of sites, helping traffic come in. So, the first step in getting traffic is to make regular posts. Once or twice a day is a good habit.

Write Articles For Syndication : Syndicating your posts to article directories is a powerful, wide-reaching way to coax growth in your site’s traffic. Try to write at least one article a week (or have a unique article written for you), and post it to your site.

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The Art of the Squeeze

07 August 2008 by A. Cedilla

One of the fastest ways to earn money on the web today is affiliate marketing.

Among the various benefits it offers you is that you don’t have to spend time or shell out money researching and creating something new to sell (usually the most labor- and cost-intensive steps in any business undertaking). The product owner did it for you already.

Something you should bear in mind is: you still have to do some serious research yourself as to whether the there is a real market for the product you are looking to promote, and whether its selling price is fair and reasonable enough to attract a big customer base.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you settled on the product or service you want to promote, and checked out the affiliate program is to your taste, you should set up what is referred to as a squeeze page.
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Viral Marketing With E-Books

03 August 2008, by A. Cedilla

People familiar with the way the internet works use viral marketing methods because they’re effective. Now, there are many ways to use viral marketing, but it’s better to focus on one strategy at a time and work at it until you get the results you want, using or discarding what fits your purpose. If you are already into article marketing, a great way to do this is to turn your articles into a viral marketing report or e-book.

As you’ve written the articles already, it would need very little work on your part to come up with a comprehensive document that will bring in traffic — and pave the way for future sales — for years to come. And all this without additional work on your part.


Arranging the articles into a single report would be relatively easy, after all, the initial writing is over. This process will ask you to re-work the articles following a sensible, logical outline and making it easy to read. There would also be some work needed in adding viral elements.

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