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Bring life to your character animation with dynamic eye movement

October 23, 2007

For anyone with a deep fascination or interest in 3D animation, and in particular, 3D character animation, the goal is often to gradually improve the standard of your character animation to the point where you are not afraid to show it to even the most critical audience.

One aspect of character animation, which can be difficult to get a good grasp of, is eye movement. It is easy to underestimate just how vital it is to get the animation of the eyes right in your scenes, and in particular, in close-ups of your 3D character. There is nothing that screams “beginner” more loudly than slow, lazy, left-to-right and back again eye movements. Eyes simply don’t move like that… unless you’ve been drugged, of course. And unless you inject some life and vitality into your characters, through their eyes, they will always look dead and lifeless on screen.

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How To Find Good Clipart and Photos For Your Projects

October 23, 2007

Whether you are writing an ebook, putting together an HTML newsletter, or setting up a personal web site, you may find that you need good, quality artwork, either illustrations (clipart) or photos.

There are generally two problems you may encounter when you look for clipart or photos online. The first problem is finding something that you can legally use. If you do not know that you have the permission to use a piece of art, then you probably do not. You can use work that you have purchased the right to or have been given the right to use. You cannot use your favorite cartoon character or a professional photograph of your favorite singer.

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4 Traffic Exchange Tips To Make Them Work For You

October 20, 2007

Traffic exchanges seem to be everywhere. I always thought they were a waste of time. Basically in my mind how could you get traffic if all everyone did was surf from page to page never actually paying attention to any of the ads. Boy was I wrong.

Here are 3 traffic exchange tips that will make a difference in your traffic if you use them.

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Making Money From Your List

October 15, 2007

Making money from your list is one of the hardest aspects of Internet marketing to learn, but once you do, you are set. By learning how to make money from your list you are in complete control of your earnings, no more worrying about what Google will do to your website’s rankings the next time the spider comes around.

By now you probably know how to build a list, or at least how to start getting people to sign up for your list. Just about anybody can get people to sign up for their list, but how do you make money from them?

The simplest answer to this question is to test and track. It is not the answer most people want to hear but it is the surest path to making money from your list.

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Web Design: Planning a Website

October 14, 2007

With the advent of the internet, websites have become one of the most popular means for individuals and organizations to help them reach their customers.

Websites are typically made using a coded language known as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and it is this language that allows for the basic structure of a website. This includes its headings and even the type of font that is used in a paragraph. Since the time that HTML was used for website building, more ways have been developed to make website development faster and easier. What separates one website from another is design.

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5 Ways to Make Your Visitors Want to Buy

October 12, 2007

In his book “Practical Thinking”, Dr. Edward de Bono talks about the basic thinking processes, how one understands, and the ways to be right or wrong in thinking. He said that the main purpose of thinking is not just to accumulate knowledge but also to get enough knowledge in order to act on something.


Dr. de Bono also said that, in practice, the validity of an idea does not have any bearing in being right in thinking, for being right is a feeling, a belief that one is right during the time of thinking.


To put this into practical use, you should write your ad copy so that your visitors will feel it is right to buy your products. Make them feel that it is their idea to make the purchase. By doing so, it will be easier for you to persuade these potential customers to hit that buy button.

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Flash Offers Unique Advantages in Web Design

October 2, 2007

One of the most useful programs that Macromedia offers is Flash. Some people use it to create highly professional animations and some use it for web design. In the area of web design, it is already taking the place of Javascript. While web designers were creating cool drop-down menus with lines and lines of Javascript some years ago, now it is as easy as a click in Flash.

The biggest advantage of Flash is the great user friendly interface that solves the most complicated issues with either using the modules that are included in the package or the simple programming language that it uses. Together with Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver, it takes less than a day for an average coder to create professional looking web pages.

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