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Designing a Good Navigation System for Your Website

September 9, 2007

While you should design your website to be aesthetically pleasing, beautiful graphics and clever little details are no substitute for a good navigation system. No matter how great your website looks, it will be useless if your visitor can’t find their way around your site.

Traditionally the navigation menu is placed just below the header area or on the left hand side of the web page. Usability studies have shown that web site visitors instinctively look in these areas first.
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Building Profits while Building Lists

September 8, 2007

List building is the most important aspect of any online business. No matter which business model you follow your top priority should be to build a list of prospects to send information to on a regular basis.

There is a saying going around Internet marketing circles that the money is in the list. This is most definitely a true statement.


By building a list you can keep in contact with your prospects and create a bond between you that will eventually lead to profit. If cultivated correctly the profits from a well-groomed list will expand over time and can become a long-term income center.

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Autoresponder Services Will Boost Your Online Business

September 8, 2007

In the world of ecommerce,  millions of sites are fiercely competing with each other to gain new clients. For any ecommerce site to succeed, it must capture the interest and the trust of its visitors.


It is not enough that your site is impeccably designed or has the latest in animation of content. You should focus your efforts not only in attracting visitors but also in leading them to make a purchase.


There are dozens of marketing strategies you can use to attract more buyers and pump up your sales. One of them is by establishing an excellent and professional reputation for prompt and efficient response.


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The Top 20 Things You Can Do to Make Your Website Accessible

September 8, 2007

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed by Congress. The law was designed to protect people with disabilities from being discriminated against, because of a physical or mental disability. The act was put into place to help guarantee equal opportunity for people with disabilities in any public area – and it covers regulations for employment, transportation, state and local government services, telecommunications, etc.

But what about your website? Have you done all you can, to assure that your website is accessible?

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Making the Best Use of Web Site Graphics

September 4, 2007

When used correctly, graphics add to the attractiveness of a web site and contribute positively to a visitor’s first impression of the site. However, the reverse is also true. If a web site is unattractive, a visitor will be negatively affected and may click away from the site, never to return.

Use common sense when including any graphics on your web pages. More is not better! Don’t plaster your site with graphics, clip art, and animated gifs. An excessive number of graphics makes for slow page loading times, clutters the web page, annoys visitors, and makes it difficult for a potential customer to read a sales message.

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