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Is Affiliate Management Right For You?

16 August 2013, by A. Cedilla

One of the most effective ways to earn money online is by affiliate marketing programs. When a big business decides to make more money by sharing it with people who refer business their way, everybody wins, including the end customer. Amazon kicked off this now-common business model when it started paying websites owners for directing customers to their site, and the idea (and its supporting technology) has been refined considerably since its early start. With the powerful software available today, it’s simple to set up an affiliate program.

Now if you want to check on examples of affiliate programs online, you’d be overwhelmed with data. For large scale models, the best and the original would be Chances are you may have been a customer at some point in the past, so with that mindset in reserve, you can go examine how Amazon does it from a merchant’s point of view. It is, after all, the largest online marketplace, so they must be doing more than a few things right.

Affiliate programs are helpful more than just financially. When you run one of your own, your affiliates all get their own personal affiliate link to track their referrals and help figure out their commissions. Those link go back and point to your site. The more links you have, the better your link popularity –which can bump up your page rank in the search engines.

You don’t, however, get all those benefits without laying out some serious planning and effort.

Now, there are different kinds of affiliate programs out there. The common denominator is that they will pay for referrals, the differences lie in how and what they pay for, precisely.

You need to know what you want to happen with your products, services and business model. You have to factor in your market, your business goals and then check if running such a program is right for you. Continue reading Is Affiliate Management Right For You?

Back To Basics: Affiliate Marketing Benefits

02 September 2008, by A. Cedilla

Many entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and companies use affiliate marketing as the quick solution to getting relatively low cost, highly focused traffic to their websites or to a “warm-up” site that boosts the chances of a customer actually buying something from the main site.

The affiliate marketing solution is a solid and very effective web marketing method which helps reduce a company’s overall marketing costs in the following ways:

  • Because the company only pays for quality performance , they don’t have to shoulder the usual costs and problems included in using permanent workers, like taxes, health insurance, benefits, absenteeism, etc;
  • It’s the most efficient use of outsourcing available now, where the company pays for a service on a microscopic scale which eliminates outsourcing companies adding a mark-up to cover risks taken or money invested.


Affiliates are prepared to risk and the first to take advantage of new emerging trends and technologies where more established advertisers do not dare to be active, and it is this nimble economy that affiliates can best earn their money. Why?

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Back To Basics: Affiliate Marketing

01 September 2008, by A. Cedilla

Online affiliate marketing has become by far one of the most effective, efficient and easiest ways to make your products and brand known, and make money at the same time. It’s also considered a very profitable and beneficial revenue sharing business relationship between the affiliate marketer and the merchant.


What is affiliate marketing?
Simply put affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing agreement between a business owner – the merchant – and a website owner -the affiliate. The website owner agrees to promote the products or services and the merchant who offers them. He advertises the merchant’s products or services on his site– you may remember various ads, links and banners on websites or popular blogs you’ve just visited — and in return gets a commission for every successful referral.


Every time a prospect is referred to the merchant’s web site through the affiliate’s efforts and makes a purchase (pay-per-sale method) or visits (pay-per-click method) or registers (pay per-lead method) he earns a commission. Unless one of these actions takes place the merchant does not pay anything.
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The Art of the Squeeze

07 August 2008 by A. Cedilla

One of the fastest ways to earn money on the web today is affiliate marketing.

Among the various benefits it offers you is that you don’t have to spend time or shell out money researching and creating something new to sell (usually the most labor- and cost-intensive steps in any business undertaking). The product owner did it for you already.

Something you should bear in mind is: you still have to do some serious research yourself as to whether the there is a real market for the product you are looking to promote, and whether its selling price is fair and reasonable enough to attract a big customer base.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you settled on the product or service you want to promote, and checked out the affiliate program is to your taste, you should set up what is referred to as a squeeze page.
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Making Classified Ads Work For Affiliate Sales

21 December 2007

Using classified ads for driving affiliate sales is often discouraged because it is harder than other advertising methods. There is a way though, to use classified ads correctly to drive traffic to your website offers and make sales of affiliate products.

The name of the game when constructing a classified ad is to keep the ad simple. You must remember that you are seeking clicks to your site, not trying to sell anything with the ad itself. With that in mind, let’s look at the structure of your first classified ad headline.


The way you want to make your headline get noticed is to use words in it that get attention from your readers. Using a psychological trigger can help you get more clicks to your ad. To get the most clicks from your ad, use words like “cheap”, “free”, “proven” and “shocking”. It is also important that you know which ads are doing well and bringing responses, so be sure you track each ad you submit.

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