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Make It Real With Your Official Business Website

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again until the thought sinks home — at least for the readers who are still-uncommitted and teetering on the fence about creating a business website of their own. If you think that you don’t need to have a business website, you’re not not doing all you can to help your business thrive.

The latest statistics say that there are over  900 billion – no mispelling, billion— websites on the internet.

According to another source , the top three reasons why many small businesses still don’t have a website are: (1) The business owner doesn’t believe that they need a website, (2) the cost of building and maintaining one, and (3) a lack of time.

This is understandable, from a particular vantage point. If you think you’re doing well, and will continue to do so  in the future, why change what’s working? Don’t rock the boat. Besides, better to funnel the money back  into the business and not to a website you don’t even need anyway, right? Especially when you’re too busy running the business in the first place to pay special attention to running and keeping a site.

We can’t force people to adapt to changes if they’re simply not ready or aren’t interested, but for those who are still thinking about it,  here are some important things you need to know that you may not  have been able to consider  from that particular vantage point.
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How To Submit Your Website To Online Directories

24 July 2013, by A. Cedilla

So you have your website ready. All your systems are in place, your content, landing pages and squeeze pages, payment gateways, delivery systems and newsletters lined up….You’re primed. You’re ready to go.

And then what?

With billions of webpages on the internet, you have to do something to get noticed. The first and most popular method is search engine optimization. You have an internet presence, you want people to find you fast, SEO is the equivalent of niche-specific, targeted blinking neon lights telling your market “WE’RE READY TO SERVE YOU RIGHT HERE!”

What else?

Well, throw in content marketing, article writing, blogging, social media — those are also tried and tested methods for getting page-views, frequent visitors, subscribers and followers. You get noticed. You get exposure. You create your brand and a foundation for something that can deliver long-term results.

And of course, there’s also directory submission.

It’s not just “If you build it, they will come.” Pffft. You want to get to the forefront of the search results, you have to get all the possible factors you can control into your favor, and directory submission is directly in your control. Continue reading How To Submit Your Website To Online Directories

Search Engines and Your Business

17 July 2013, by A. Cedilla

Search engines have become so ubiquitous that Google isn’t just a noun, it’s a verb too, one that means ‘to search’. You can look it up.

You look things up, you use a search engine, whether it’s a localized desktop search program just for your computer, or one of your favorites, bookmarked on your smartphone. I mean, when you need to look something up, what do you do? For the always-connected, asking a friend could come a bit after using a search engine.

For people with an online business presence, search engines matter in more than just the obvious way. Search engines are the fastest way people can find your website. Play your cards right, you can use them to bring a significant volume of traffic to your business.

And your most important card is the design of your website, which can influence how search engines index it.

Rankings definitely affect the number of visitors to any website. How many times have you looked beyond the first two or three (if that) pages of search results? To be seen, to make it to that moment of first interest and get the searcher to click the link to your website, you have to make it to the top ten or twenty results to get eyeballed. Continue reading Search Engines and Your Business

Using All Of The Search Engine Pie

08 September 2008, by A. Cedilla

There is a critical viewpoint that many internet marketers are missing about SEO techniques and getting websites ranked high in the search engines. And it all goes back to the elementary principle of the “whole” being the sum total of all of its parts. This simple, yet often forgotten principle is alive and well in Internet Marketing and search engine dominance.


These techniques are so subtle, so easy and look so small in the bigger picture that many feel they’re not worth doing simply because they seem so insignificant.

Many think,”If it’s that easy, it’s not really worth doing…” And yet, each of these really simple techniques, when added together creates a commanding website structure that will result in search engine dominance.
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Boost Your Website Traffic 5 Ways

09 August 2008, by A. Cedilla

Market Your Blog: When you publish or post on-line it’s usually with the intent of having your offering read, whether it’s advice, something you just want to share, or you’re asking for help. These actions are meant to solicit feedback, and to get that, you need to bring traffic to your site. How do you get that started? Moreso, how can you help traffic to your blog increase?


As soon as you make your first post, your blog automatically gets traffic, even if it’s from random, curious click-by’s. With a good ping list, every post you make notifies dozens of sites, helping traffic come in. So, the first step in getting traffic is to make regular posts. Once or twice a day is a good habit.

Write Articles For Syndication : Syndicating your posts to article directories is a powerful, wide-reaching way to coax growth in your site’s traffic. Try to write at least one article a week (or have a unique article written for you), and post it to your site.

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4 Traffic Exchange Tips To Make Them Work For You

October 20, 2007

Traffic exchanges seem to be everywhere. I always thought they were a waste of time. Basically in my mind how could you get traffic if all everyone did was surf from page to page never actually paying attention to any of the ads. Boy was I wrong.

Here are 3 traffic exchange tips that will make a difference in your traffic if you use them.

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Keys to Targeting Your Internet Advertising

August 21, 2007

So, you got your website up and running. You hired an excellent web designer to craft a perfect home page and satellite pages that will really draw in the visitors and inspire them to buy. You have a beautiful catalog of products with detailed descriptions.


You also have a section dedicated to the services you provide with praises from past customers. And you have the best online shopping cart service out there so that you customers can buy from you with no hassles and next day shipping. That’s great!


Now where are your customers?

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