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Don’t Forget To Develop Your Soft Skills

Have you ever stopped to consider that working on your own soft skills can help you work better with other people?

As common as it is to feel to stressed at work –at your worst times you can feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world (and then some) on your shoulders — it helps to re-balance your perspective by stepping out from under the cloud of doom over your head, and looking at the whole context of the situations that are pulling you down.

  • Do you feel that there are people at work are gunning for you?
  • Are you having problems communicating clearly with your partners and co-workers?
  • What about your customers? What are the common threads in the kind of feedback you’re getting from them?

The cult of the self.
Let’s be honest, what with the on-going trend of personal marketing and personal branding, it’s very easy to be lead onto the fast-lane of self-promotion, where you show the right image and display the right credentials and so on, but step back from the frantic construction effort and think. Personal branding, presenting the right image– this is all right and good in an online market where image accounts for a lot, but in interpersonal relationships –in dealing with people — how are you up close and personal? Continue reading Don’t Forget To Develop Your Soft Skills