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Too Much Tech? Ask Yourself These Questions To Control Technorrhea

06 December 2013, by A. Cedilla

Think about the communication structure in your life. To start off, how many devices do you use?

For the basics, a phone and a computer are all you need. Some smartphones can already act as a mini office-station for email and files. Laptops can go anywhere with you, and desktops can provide more options, like more processing power and being able to use 2-3 monitors at once.

And what about hybrids and entertainment devices? How about tablets, phablets, and readers? And music players and dedicated cameras? Take a moment to check just how many tech tools you own.

How do you manage all the tech you use? How do you manage the data you access? Lay it out:

  • How many platforms are present? How do you access data across platforms–just the cloud? How secure are your connections?
  • What systems do you use in storing and syncing data, and backing up the important bits? What about security?
  • How systematic are you in attending to your communication –in reading, responding and viewing? How much time do you spend?
  • How about maintaining the hardware: protecting it from surges, damage, dust, scratches and whatnot? What’s your update schedule?


The deeper issues here are easy to overlook because of the technical details and personal preferences involved. Keeping things separate for business or personal use can be messy as well –imagine the hours we do something other than what we intended to do*cough-Skyrim-cough* but in the end, when it comes to your devices:

  • Do they help make work easier?
  • Do they make you work more effectively?
  • Do they make more work for you?

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You and Your Computer 2

13 July 2008, by A. Cedilla
Part 2 of a series

Pop quiz: Count yourself, your circle of family, friends and co-workers. How many of you spend significant time on your computers?

Done? Now, how many of you say anything about headaches, or dry eyes?

Research shows that roughly 70% of the people who work with computers have problems with their vision. That breaks down to 7 out of 10 people. Does this figure agree with your findings?

Computing is an overwhelmingly visual media and it’s because of this that so many people suffer from visual fatigue and computer vision syndrome . Most studies show that 70-90% of computer workers show symptoms of vision-related problems, bought on by a combination of poor workplace conditions individual visual problems, and improper work habits.

For example, in a normal setting people normally blink around 17-22 times per minute. On the computer, they slow down to 4 blinks a minute. The normal flow of tears that lubricate your eyeballs and wash out any possible irritant is compromised. Result: Dry, irritated “sandy” eyes.

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You and Your Computer

09 July 2008, by A. Cedilla

1 of a series

You hustle, endure the daily grind, work. Your data is safe, you had a little fun playing around inside your head with your plans for eventual world domination (even if it’s just a very small bit of the globe), and preen complacently as things move into the beautifully orchestrated flow you’ve always wished for, even if it just for now. You’re above petty worries of the moment.

Except you have a nagging headache and see little sparkly things the corner of your dry, sandy eyes.

Hurt anywhere else lately?
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