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Keeping On Track With Mindfulness

08 March 2013, by A. Cedilla

In a world with uncertain economies, shifting social changes and powerful, ubiquitous technologies, you may think that you’re doing all you can to protect the tiny economy of your own small enterprise.

You see, when it comes to running your own business, the sheer number of factors beyond your control –the down market, political infighting and indecisiveness, new tech demanding immediate mastery– demand that you bite down and focus on the essentials first before attending to the lower priorities. It’s basic self-protection. Survival first.

But life is more than just survival. If you’d just take a minute, just one, to watch the video in the linked quote below, it would help give you a background to this article.


You got into business for a reason, or several reasons. You’re making it thrive despite everything that’s happened in the world. Looking back at where you started, do those reasons still apply? Or have you forgotten them in the daily crunch of running your little empire? Is what you’re doing right now — and plan to do for the foreseeable future — giving you what you need and want? Are you doing things with your purpose in mind?

This is where cultivating the habit of mindfulness kicks in. Continue reading Keeping On Track With Mindfulness

Are Your Routines Doing You any Good?

08 October 2012, by A. Cedilla

“We cannot, in a moment, get rid of habits of a lifetime.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Habits are strange things, aren’t they? Anytime you come near the end of the year, you and most of the people you know might draw up a list of resolutions — a list that really just document your intentions to stop some old habits, and start up new ones.

And you probably have enough life experience by now to know what usually happens to those resolutions, yes?

But when you hit the point of understanding that says, “Yes, I have to change this now or it’s never gonna happen,” what do you do to make sure that the new habit you chose will stick?

Restart as you mean to go on. (Daytimer)

  • I will not start my day with Facebook. I will put first things first.
  • I will exercise 30 minutes everyday. Promise.
  • I will floss every night. I swear this time.

How many Post-Its litter your desk reminding you that “Today is the day!!” for you to establish your new habit? And what happened then?


You need to take your time to build new habits. Look at it from a logistic and temporal point of view: you’ll be laying out a new set of actions to replace an old set.

That means you have to lay out the route, focus on keeping on that route for quite a while, and still have reminders and a systems set up to keep it up until it becomes ingrained.

All this, while still keeping to the bulk of your regular routine. So no, it’s not something that will happen in a few days. You have to make certain adjustments. Continue reading Are Your Routines Doing You any Good?