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Mapping For Mental Clarity

07 July 2008, by A. Cedilla

Keeping your mind fresh and your ideas original is a valuable edge in the competitive world of business. The daily grind of running a business, however, can leave you drained. If you ever played around with your ideas as a kid, using crayons and paper, to draw out your dreams and future, you may have done some mindmapping without knowing it.


A term popularized by Tony Buzan , mindmapping is basically doodling with a purpose. It’s a brainstorm on paper, a mental cyclone revolving around one central idea. While the term itself is new, the idea of it has been around for centuries.


Mindmapping can:

  • Clear your head by letting you generate and capture ideas you can see on paper, or pixel.
  • Help plot out possible futures, organizing ideas and passing thoughts that may be the seeds of something good
  • Plan your next move, or possible moves, depending on where you want to go
  • Play around towards a goal

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