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Disaster Recovery and Your Business

25 July 2008, by A. Cedilla

Nobody really likes to think about, much less talk about, the possibility of disaster, but if you look back on the local and global events that have occurred in the first half of this year alone, you’ve probably wondered, “Why didn’t anyone see this coming?” and ” What do I do now?”

Thankfully, you may not have been broadsided by floods, fires or earthquakes, but a random electric surge, a leaky pipe or a particularly aggressive burglar can stop you and your business in your tracks.

A previous article dealt with the issue of data protection. In this article we’re going to focus on other things you must consider in a disaster scenario. Whether you’re a big company with in-house experts and advisers or a small-business owner, you should just be as motivated to cover your ass in an emergency situation of any foreseeable sort.

Disaster Recovery and Prevention (DRP) prepares you to handle, recover and/or prevent work disruption, period.

For example, let’s pretend a sudden gas or chemical leak, or some virulent mold, prevents you from working in your office: Continue reading Disaster Recovery and Your Business