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Tailoring for Performance

26 July 2008, by A. Cedilla

Quick, what kind of suit does James Bond wear?

In his last flick Bond wears Brioni. Presidents and world-shakers, as well as cinematic spooks, wear Brioni , exquisitely tailored to fit the wearer. What you might call bespoke.

But that’s just an example. We”re not talking about suits today, but of tailoring. Tailoring means cutting, forming and shaping something to fit a specific form or figure as accurately as possible.

Tailor your life as much as you can so it fits you. You have to understand this, down to your bones: It’s your life. Your life.

Things are so unpredictable now. Everyone’s on edge, waiting to see where the axe will fall next, or when the next global crisis will rear up and bite us all on our collective ass. People are tired of stressing out over what tomorrow will come up with.

It behooves us not only to find our comfort where and when we can, but to MAKE it as well.

You can do this in many of ways. Some aren’t helpful in the long run: comfort eating, drinking too much, etc. Mostly actions like these are just ways to cover what’s eating you. Over-control, on the other hand, places you as the center of the universe, a frustrated, petty godling who should be able to do this, dammit, never mind the headaches or the hypertension.

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