Living At The End of Your Rainbow

01 December 2012, by A. Cedilla

You got there.

  • You managed to find your place on-line. All the hard work of setting things up, working through the bugs and the paperwork needed to register a business, the taxes, the outsourcing, the pricing….and here you are.
  • And hey! Your own life is going pretty sweet. It could be stand to improve in a few small areas, but for the most part, it seems things have come together for you. Congratulations!


When we speak of you finding your niche, it goes to mean one or more of the following things:

  • You found the place where you fit. You, with all your quirks and interests and strengths, found a place somewhere where all that works to your favor.
  • You found the place where you can best meet and form relationships with individuals that will contribute to your continued survival and eventual stability.
  • You found the place where you are most likely to prosper, and you can stay in it.

Finding your niche presupposes you’ve done the work necessary to finding out and getting what you need to thrive. It also means you commit to the following:

  • Knowing what you need to do to take advantage of your skills, knowledge and resources, and leverage that into a better situation for you.
  • Doing what you have to do. For example, doing good work, cutting out the trivialities, and filtering out the time-sucks and nagging intrusions …and having a support structure in place , composed of good work habits, time habits, energy-conservation and financial habits, that keep you physically and mentally optimal and in a good state.

Caveat: As an entrepreneur, the business started with you. If you don’t take care of yourself — your greatest resource — who’ll be left to handle the rest?

You have to have clear, working supports in place to deal with the various systems of your set-up, to protect yourself from succumbing to the demands of the business, and to prevent the business from taking you over.

What about your business?
There are, of course, the classic issues one has to pay attention to. You need to keep an eye on your back-end ops. For anybody with an online presence, or working purely online, your website is where you sell and where they’ll buy, it’s where people will get to know what you do, what you make and what you can offer them. At the very least:

  • Be accessible, be available, be responsive.
  • Have a user friendly site.
  • Have a secure site for transactions.

You have to have a long goal in mind. What are your long terms plans for your business? How far do you see it growing with you, and vice-versa, into your future? That being said, what are the plans you’re playing out now to ensure that those plans come to fruition?

What about your customers?
When you’re working as a free-lancer, you’re exchanging your services for pay. Working as an entrepreneur, you’re selling products and services. Even as a salaried worker, you give your labor in exchange for pay. Customers are everywhere.

The issue then, is establishing good relationships with your customers, and that means building a community — a group of people who help each other. No man is an island, and all that. Human beings needed to band together, from family units to tribes, in order to survive in our earliest days, and that holds as true now as it was then.

What about you?
You’re where you worked to be, what are you doing to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Have you grown as a person doing the things you chose to do?

I mean, life is big. You can’t control all the factors, or what happens in your life, or to you. After all, you can’t have rainbows without rain. Before the final curtain call, do you have any idea of what you want to have done, have seen or given back to to the world to mark you presence?

Reverse-engineering your vision from the inevitable end of things can help you see what’s truly important to you, and give you a pretty good sense of what you can do to make those things real. Take this opportunity to appreciate your life as it is now after everything you did to get here, and experience contentment in the good place you find yourself in.

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