Stumbling Blocks, Building Blocks, Starting Blocks 2

29 January 2010, by A. Cedilla

Coming in from part 1:

You can use the blockage (pun intended) to learn more about yourself.

In the long view, everything can be used — we can re-frame the mistakes as lessons — ones on learning about the world, about yourself, about how to handle life as it comes…

Hopefully then, you can release the illusion of control over everything in your life (“I’m the King of The World!”), and strive towards making the best of what you’ve got and been given.

You can also use the stumbling blocks as course corrections, reconsidering which way you want to go. Remember Pong (the computer game)?

You play it by positioning the slider so that the ball can bounce off it. In this case, you use the block to bounce off of, making it a starting block.

Starting blocks are used in many sporting events. Wiki-fu gave three examples:

  • Starting block, in track cycling, the object which holds the bicycle at the starting line until the starting signal
  • Starting block, in track and field, an apparatus that braces a runner’s feet at the start of a race
  • Starting block, raised platform mounted at the end of a pool from which swimmers begin a race

A starting block is meant to be 1) a supportive platform 2) from which to launch from.

Starting blocks also act in a similar way to the hand- and foot-holds on climbing walls, performing the dual functions of holding you up as you plot your path, and acting as “stepping-stones” (so to speak) when you go on your chosen path.

You push off, away from a starting block. You don’t rest on it, otherwise, what’s the point?

You can’t stay on a starting block either, that just makes it a perch.

Sit on one too long, you lose momentum, the blood drains out of your dreams, and you settle by default.

Do you really want that, to live a life on the default setting?

No? Then use your blocks.


How you see a block is how you’ll use it. So, stumbling blocks and starting blocks can be building blocks…it’s all in how you choose to see them.

Use them, as launch pads, as hand-holds and footholds to get over The Wall. Use them to hop-scotch on the way to the next goal.

Use them to build: build towards a goal, build the life of your dreams.

If you want a castle in the sky, make a blueprint and start on building the supports under the towers.

Build your own life and don’t wait for someone else to give their version of The Big Picture, make your own with the blocks you get.

That way, you won’t need the top of the puzzle box to tell you what to do, and you get to make your own Big Picture, build your own Big Dream, with all the blocks you’ve got.

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