Free Vs. Paid Blog Hosting

01 February 2009, by A. Cedilla

To say that blogging is popular would be an understatement of near-biblical proportions.

It is currently estimated that tens of millions of readers regularly peruse an equally voluminous number of blogs. You’ve probably read about people making a mint online just by blogging.

Well-known blogmasters like Darren Rowse of Problogger, Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar and Leo Babauta of Zen Habits inspired many would-be’s to carve out their own spot in the blogosphere as well.

Of course, to start logging yourself, you need to set up a blog account. You can pick between a free blogging service or a fee based service.

Now, why anyone would pay a monthly fee when a free site is available? The choice ultimately lies in your actual blogging needs.

Sometimes, a free site works just fine, whereas a paid site has far more benefits for long-term projects.

A free blogging site is easy to set up. You can have yours up and running within a few minutes. All you do is pick a free service such as Blogger, Word Press, Live Journal etc.

On the other hand, paid blogging services require opening an account, setting up a monthly payment plan and registering a domain name.

If you’re worried about money, stop. Just do the research. Many excellent paid blogging sites offer domain registration for less than $10 a year, and often charge about $3 per month to host your blog.

Obviously, this isn’t going to bankrupt anyone’s budget yet still some wonder, why pay at all? Answer: Free blogging sites come with several terms and conditions that paid sites don”t.

Many free blogging sites may restrict the commercial ventures of a blog. They may ban certain advertising or promotional strategies. If the blogger does not comply, then the blog may be shut down.

With a paid site, there is much more freedom regarding monetizing a blog. Therefore, if your intention is to earn money with a bog, a paid site is better option.

Also, with a free blogging site, the URL must include the name of the free site. For example, all blogs must include in the title. This is a fair deal since the service is giving the blogger a venue for public writing.

If you’re looking to brand your blog in the marketplace and draw a huge audience, a unique domain name will be more appealing and more professional. As such, a paid blog site would be a better idea.

The bottom line is that there are several positives to both free and paid blogging sites. If you’re looking to be a blogging “star”, it would be a better idea to choose a unique domain name and pay for your site. If you are just looking to be a casual blogger, then a free site is probably all you need.

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