Blogging Basics: Your Blogging Schedule

21 September 2008, by A. Cedilla

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Does the idea of scheduling your blogging seem forced? Uncreative? Posting to your blog shouldn’t happen only when you feel “moved” to create an award-winning post. Blogging needs to be done regularly to provide good content for your readers, to get better at writing and to maximize your profits.

Set yourself up with a schedule to post on your blogs. Take a realistic look at your business and figure out where blogging should be on your list of priorities.

The objective is not to be constantly blogging, forsaking all else, but to bring blogging forward a bit from your low priority pile of things to do. Take a look at your business model and where blogging fits in. If your blogs are currently your only platform for making money, then naturally blogging should be high priority.

Your blogging schedule is up to you and can certainly be changed when your circumstances change. Perhaps you’re going to temporarily blog daily on your internet marketing blog because you’re promoting an affiliate product or you’re just about to launch your new ebook. On a regular week you might consider blogging everyday, but alternating between all your blogs.

The important thing is to think about your blogging ahead of time and create your schedule for the week. Also keep in mind the time of day that is available to you for blogging, especially if you’re a part-time internet marketer. Will mornings work? How about lunchtime?

Determine the time when you can devote your full attention and energy to your writing, instead of feeling hurried to finish for the sake of finishing.

While you’re thinking ahead about your blogging, get a rough plan down on paper about what your blog subjects will be for each of the posts you’re going to post in the week ahead.

If you can’t think of something right away, it will be a seed planted in your mind and you’ll come up with a great idea before it’s time to write it.
It would help greatly if you have an “idea book” to capture your thoughts for possible posts. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Moleskine, just make sure a) to keep it close at hand, b) you take care of it, and that c) you use it.

Sometimes you can lose a great idea because you scribbled it on a Post-It or tissue and can’t remember where you put the damn thing.

Try to find ways to streamline your posting. If your blogs are in a related field, you can sometimes modify your blog post to fit all your blogs.

If your blogs are in very different fields you may still want to do the same sort of post to save time. For example, if you want to post a YouTube video, you can look for different videos for your different blogs all at once.

Scheduling your blogging may not be a creative endeavor, but it can make your blogging easier and more successful nonetheless. A blogging schedule can help you become a consistent blogger who doesn’t lose readers for lack of posts and can also help you maximize your profits.

It’s funny but true that limits can help free you, you know. If you know you only have this much time in a week to write for your blog, you should focus on making the most of your time when you write.

Once you do and get it done, you’re free to focus on your other commitments instead of stressing and worrying about all your unwritten works of potential genius.

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