The Art of the Squeeze

07 August 2008 by A. Cedilla

One of the fastest ways to earn money on the web today is affiliate marketing.

Among the various benefits it offers you is that you don’t have to spend time or shell out money researching and creating something new to sell (usually the most labor- and cost-intensive steps in any business undertaking). The product owner did it for you already.

Something you should bear in mind is: you still have to do some serious research yourself as to whether the there is a real market for the product you are looking to promote, and whether its selling price is fair and reasonable enough to attract a big customer base.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you settled on the product or service you want to promote, and checked out the affiliate program is to your taste, you should set up what is referred to as a squeeze page.

In a nutshell, a squeeze page is a one page pre-sales offer that entices the potential customer to leave his name and email address in order to receive more information on the product or service of choice.

There are two points to be made for this great sales method:

  • You set yourself apart from all the other affiliates promoting the same product.
  • You build your own opt-in list that you can promote other products to.


So, what do you need to use a squeeze page effectively?

One: In order for your business to be taken seriously you must have a web hosting account and domain name. You can get these quite cheaply nowadays, and there are services that offer yearly auto-renewals as a basic feature.

Two: You”ll need an autoresponder. These too are fairly cheap. Many hosting accounts now offer free autoresponders with their service.

Three: You need an HTML editor. You won”t need anything fancy, just a simple user-friendly application that would get the job done..You can find open software at for free.

And last, but not least, is a little copy writing skill.


What do you write on your squeeze page?

Pick out the highlights, the biggest benefits that the product explicitly offers. If there are other benefits that have been pushed to the background, write them down as well.

Now, using your HTML editor, come up with a small sales page with the following: a good headline, subheadings and bullet points listing all the benefits you wrote down. This is where your copy writing skill comes into play. You may also include testimonials from satisfied customers.

Place the email capture form generated from your autoresponder on the bottom of the page. Let your potential customer know that when he leaves his name and email address you will then send to that email address this very useful information, insight, service or whatever it is you’re offering and they want to know more about.

Don’t advertise the product or service on the capture page, just its benefits. The customer may have seen your product or service before and may not be quite decided on it. You want him to buy through your link, and you need to give him a little nudge with your presentation to get him to come over your side over the fence.

The point of the squeeze page is to get your prospect to opt-in, to leave his email address. You do this by building his interest, piquing his curiosity and betting on his need and/or desire for more information.

Set up your auto-responder with 6-7 emails that go out in 3-4 day intervals, each email building on one of the benefits mentioned on your squeeze page.

Then add in other related services or products that you are an affiliate of. Repetition is the key and your squeeze page gives you that advantage over other affiliates.

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