Tailoring for Performance

26 July 2008, by A. Cedilla

Quick, what kind of suit does James Bond wear?

In his last flick Bond wears Brioni. Presidents and world-shakers, as well as cinematic spooks, wear Brioni , exquisitely tailored to fit the wearer. What you might call bespoke.

But that’s just an example. We”re not talking about suits today, but of tailoring. Tailoring means cutting, forming and shaping something to fit a specific form or figure as accurately as possible.

Tailor your life as much as you can so it fits you. You have to understand this, down to your bones: It’s your life. Your life.

Things are so unpredictable now. Everyone’s on edge, waiting to see where the axe will fall next, or when the next global crisis will rear up and bite us all on our collective ass. People are tired of stressing out over what tomorrow will come up with.

It behooves us not only to find our comfort where and when we can, but to MAKE it as well.

You can do this in many of ways. Some aren’t helpful in the long run: comfort eating, drinking too much, etc. Mostly actions like these are just ways to cover what’s eating you. Over-control, on the other hand, places you as the center of the universe, a frustrated, petty godling who should be able to do this, dammit, never mind the headaches or the hypertension.


Control the factors you can:

Your health: Check your family history, get yourself screened. Knowledge is power.

If you’re aware of any genetic predispositions to certain cancers, or diabetes or any other illnesses, you can take steps to prevent or at least significantly lessen your chances of these illnesses popping up. And you can watch out for your kids, too.

Take care of yourself. If you’ve nothing to run on but fumes, how are you going to take care of who’s and what’s important to you? Exercise, move, and get your blood and the fresh oxygen in it circulating. Strengthen your back.

Your outlook: It’s all in your head. Literally.

Think about it. Everything you’ve ever experienced, everything you’ve ever learned, is stored in that 3-pound grayish soft walnut in your skull. Telepathy and out-of-body experiences aside, you see the world through your eyes. Mightn’t you try adjusting your internal vision before blaming it on, you know –looks around furtively — Them? That makes it your choice. That gives you the power to decide instead of feeling helpless by default.

Your living and work environment:

In a 4-part series that starts here, we’ve covered Repetitive Strain Injury and healthier computing practices. Read them again. Then think of other stuff you can do that helps you cut the stress out where you live and where you work.

Keep pictures of your family, your best beloved furry friend, or your dream house/car to keep you going. If it works for you, get those little aromatherapy sachets to perk you up, or schedule regular massages.

If you’re having trouble with this, sometimes it’s easier to think of what you don’t like, and then trying out a 180-degree hike in the opposite direction.

Know yourself:

Manage your expectations. There are 24 hours in a day. You need to sleep, eat and go to the bathroom. Deny any of these three necessities and in a few days you’d need to go to the hospital. Or possibly help send someone there. Is multi-tasking so important to you that you’d risk your health to squeeze in and juggle 15 unfinished projects instead of finishing 5 or 6? What about the top 4 most vital ones?

Delegate, automate or eliminate.

Know your buttons, your triggers, and your limits.

  • Hate waking up late because you still feel tired? Make it so you can sleep earlier.
  • Prioritize. That way you can still relax with unfinished business hanging around since you’ve dealt with the most vital issues first, and so the rest can afford to wait.

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